App Store Rewind 2011

01 Jan 2012

German App Store Rewind 2011 for iPad apps

Froschkönig app appeared in the german App Store Rewind 2011 among the best iPad apps of the last year (exactly the first in category Books).

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Now it’s time to present one of the nice thing I was working on in the last 12 months. Remember the Frog King drawings I showed you here – this was the initial idea behind the series of iPad book apps we made in collaboration S. Fischer Verlag. My wish was to enrich the original fairy tales of brothers Grimm with tiny educative stories. How does water come into well? How fast is a frog? Or what is a princess doing the whole day? These and some more are the questions and a bunch of clever mice are going to tell you about. And if you need a break from reading and getting awesomly educated there is also a mini game.

Of course I couldn’t do this all alone, this was the team (Thank you so much, guys!)– Jeremy Bishop (technical direction, game development), Antje Ehlert (graphic work), Chi-chun Chang (integration), Marion Düsterhöft (text, voice) and I (concept, illustration, creative direction). Music and sound effects were made by Krane & Rabe.

The first app that is now available here in the App Store is Froschkönig – Grimms Märchen interaktiv (Fischer App), two more apps will follow in the next weeks. Also localized versions are in process. Take a look and watch for mice. 

Update September 16, 2011: Froschkönig app is now the “app of the week” in german App Store!

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More of “Isso”

14 Sep 2011

While I was doing something else (I’m going to tell about it later) I did another couple of illustrations for the Bundeswehr magazine Y. Check them out. Isso – it’s just like that. 

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An illustrated infographic dedicated to this anniversary, published in DB Welt, the corporate newspaper of the german railways company.

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Nice climate

15 Jul 2010

Technologies behind Bosch’s new headquarters in Singapore.

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iPad in real life

17 Jun 2010

For an workshop with one of our clients we made some thoughts about situations to use an iPad.

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At Lido

10 May 2010

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